Here are a few numbers after the WannaCry ransomware attack
200,000 + Computers infected
10,000 Organisations impacted
$4 Billion, estimated economic costs
150+ Countries targeted
$300 Minimum payment demanded per device
Compare that to approximately $3.20 per device per month. Makes sense in investing in a state of the art, cloud based solution?
Carrington offers you solutions around managing devices, applications, data, and endpoints in a dedicated or a BYOD scenario. The solutions come from IBM’s MaaS360 portfolio.
We offer a single solution for viewing, managing, and securing mobile devices, laptops, desktops, and servers.

What’s unique about MaaS360?

It’s not the run of the mill MDM (Mobile Device Management Solution). With these solutions, managing endpoints and user and data is a time-consuming and costly affair. MaaS360 is a cognitive unified endpoint management (UEM) solution that consolidates the management of smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, wearables, and IoT devices along with their data and apps.

All MaaS360 users got alerts during the initial stages of the WannaCry attack.
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MaaS360 has all global certifications like FISMA, SOC 2 Type II, FedRAMP, SaaS ISO 27001 since as early as 2007.
That’s the reason organisations like NASA use MaaS360

Fastest time to action (Rapid deployment)

You can enrol devices in minutes with some training. Once you decide on the policy structure, it can be applied in a matter of seconds across thousands of devices.

Low maintenance and High uptime

Data centre redundancy and high availability are critical components of any managed service offering. We utilise multiple data centres spreading out critical systems throughout each of these locations. Data replication takes place between the locations, and each location has ample bandwidth to ensure that they can handle increased traffic volume if any one of the data centres goes offline.
Regular patches and updates can be seamlessly applied without interruption to users or system.

Seamless user experience

MaaS360 offers the best user experience with the fastest time to value. You can customise your app containers and dashboards with your company logos, look and feel in just a few clicks.


Feature by feature, MaaS360 is the most affordable UMM/MDM solution in the Australian market and is backed by the support of IBM and it’s certified partners.


MaaS360 can scale from one device to million in a matter of clicks. MaaS360 supports millions of mobile devices in a multi-tenant model which is an incredibly scalable solution.
For example, IBM CIO on-boarded over 15,000 devices in just one day / 200 devices per minute at peak.


Carrington provides flexible service models for you to consume. These maybe dedicated or on call. The key support types typically involve: Post installation support, immediate post go-live support and stabilisation support.

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