We Discover, Design, Develop and Deploy your end to end mobile Ecosystem.

At Carrington Associates, we design & develop business apps that solve your business challenges. We discover new opportunities for our clients to build engagement with their Customers. We don't just build apps but your entire end to end mobile strategy. Hence, we have created various options for our clients to choose from to suite their Plans.

  Plug & Play
  Apps (Off the

Carrington provide reduced risk and faster deployment with workload-optimized off the shelf Apps


Off the shelf offering with custom features to suit your business requirements. So you get the best of both worlds

 Custom Built

It's not just a mobile app, it's a strategy. As a part of this offering, we help you build you entire Mobile Eco-system ground up.

 App & device

Management of your entire mobile apps infrastructure done through our strong partnership with IBM's MDM/MAM (Mobile Device & Mobile Application Managemant) Solution

Plug & Play Option

• Complete, configured : Simplified deployment, use and management.

• Advanced technology : Built on the stable & secure IBM platform.

• Extensible, scalable : Reduced risk and investment protection.

• Solution-level support : Easy access to technical computing experts, one number to call.

   Resources :

     Field Mate              :  Field Mate enables your mobile workforce to be 'real smart' in real time.

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     Procurement        :  PO approvals on the go.

     Stores Inventory  : Reduce paper clutter, errors & make inventory handling a breeze. Scan and smile.

Extended Apps Option

• Extended Features : Customise features to your specific business needs.

• Application Optimized : Shorter time to results at lower TCO.

• Compatibility : Quick app integration with back end systems Built on best of breed mobile platform.

   Resources :

     Field Mate              :  Field Mate enables your mobile workforce to be 'real smart' in real time.

     Procurement        :  PO approvals on the go.

     Stores Inventory  :  Reduce paper clutter, errors & make inventory handling a breeze. Scan and smile.

Custom Built Apps

• Requirement based development: Caters to each and every requirement.

• Branding Resonance : Ideal for customer facing apps to build brand relevance.

• User based requirements model : Establish a greater user acceptance.

• Collaboration : Social Media integration, location based services, QR code scanning, NFC/GPS etc Monitor,

  control & analyse the performance of your apps.

   White Paper :

     Why Good Apps Are Not Good Enough

App & Device Management

• Extend endpoint management : Single solution for viewing, managing, and securing mobile devices,

   laptops, desktops, and servers.

• Protect data : For Lost or stolen ddevices, perform remote password locks, reset, partial and full data wipes.

• Rapidly adopt new capabilities : Meet the ever-increasing sophistication of threats and attacks.

• Help control IT costs : Reduce management complexity as the number of endpoints that need

   management, grows.

• Support BYOD : Free up your IT staff for more mission critical tasks.

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     Mass 360 For Education