Pure Technology

We enable you with tools to modernise, test, automate & govern your business critical applications

Performance Testing

Take advantage of light weight, yet powerful & easy to operate performance and load testing tools with proven cost savings.

Application Automation

We offer powerful tools for reliable, efficient & fast automation for functional and regression testing of cross platform enterprise softeare applications

Application Modernisation

Modernize your aplications to deliver optimized value through mainframe, COBOL and quality solutions.

Identity Management

We help make your identify & access governance program proactive rather than reactive

Performance Testing & App Automation

As IT trends like mobile, cloud and consumerization continue to flourish, the software industry is facing rising levels of complexity. Customers expect to access products and services anytime, anywhere, through their device of choice with very little tolerance for functionality or performance issues. Organizations are being pushed to work in a more agile manner and development managers are now expected to deliver applications to customers at the blink of an eye. Those circumstances requires them to quickly understand when applications are meeting customer functional and performance expectations independently of the speed in which development and operations deliver new updates.

With Carrington’s Testing Portfolio, organizations can quickly understand if applications will perform and function consistently anytime, anywhere, on their customer’s devices and platforms of choice.

Our Tesing tools can:

• Easily export your load test results to Microsoft Word document using a customizable report templates.
• Provide you with performance trend dashboards so you can quickly schedule, execute and analyze performance results over time
• Enable QA teams to quickly validate their application readiness for the newest Windows 10 and the new Microsoft Edge browser, the
  successor of Internet Explorer. Create or run existing scripts on Edge just as you would do with browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google
  Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and mobile browsers on iOS and Android based devices.
• Enhance Keyword-driven testing to the next level, by making it easy to manage large sets of keyword-driven testing frameworks.

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Application Modernisation

Enterprise applications are at the heart of every organization – they run the business and represent an enormous investment. According to Aberdeen Group: "There are $2 trillion worth of mainframe applications in corporations that house approximately 70% of all critical data and logic." By rationalizing and modernizing these applications there is a tremendous opportunity to reduce total cost of ownership and improve the ability to dynamically respond to the needs of the business. But there are some major hurdles to be overcome like managing disparate applications in the enterprise, their integration, managing costs & yet maintaing service quality to internal as well as extternal customers.

Carrington’s partnership with Microfocus allows you to :

• Dramatically improve the business value of enterprise applications
• Respond rapidly to market changes
• Embrace modern architectures
• Reduce risk.

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Identity Management

Identity and Access Governance is often implemented as a reaction to demands from auditors. While important, it is shortsighted to look at governance as merely a means to pass audits. Failure to effectively manage user access to sensitive resources places organizations at risk for sabotage, fraud, data breaches and financial penalties. According to a recent Verizon security study, nearly 70 percent of the 47,000 security incidents examined were caused by "internal actors." Even fully compliant organizations aren’t immune to risk, as demonstrated by recent headlines in which organizations that had proved compliance nonetheless experienced a breach.

Managing risk around identity and access management requires an organization to inventory, analyze and understand the access privileges granted to its workers, and to answer the critical question on demand: "Who has access to what, and is it appropriate?" The logistics of granting and removing access is insufficient. Organizations must ensure any changes to access conform to corporate policies, that access already granted is appropriate and that you automatically detect any security or compliance issues. Identity and access governance means understanding the actual and desired state of identity and access privileges in your environment and the ability to automate application of detective and preventive controls.

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