Our services portfolio

Cultivating new ideas

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We think this is the future of tech! and Future is here !
We leverage unstructured data in text, audio, video, imagery formats to build smarter systems, apps and engagements.


We are big believers in the power of mobile as a platform.
We implement product ideas, automate processes for enterprises and startups and build cognitive mobile apps both hybrid and native in nature.


We love the cloud and what it offers.
We will help you migrate your apps to the cloud, leverage cloud capabilities in the true sense and help evaluate which cloud offering is best suited for you.

Enterprise Solutions

Our first love
We started with enterprise solutions and love going back to it time and again. Now we see enterprise applications through the Cognitive lens and will help you too.


Our contribution in refining and structuring your idea.
We love the fun, the thinking, the brainstorming, and the activities with this offering of ours. The idea here is to not make a sale or talk technology but to think, think and think. And finally, to create rocking ideas for your business.


We act as the enabler.
Leverage our ecosystem of partners to explore wide array of solutions designed to add value to your business.

Cognitive Computing

At Carrington, our engineers teach machines how to help people perform more & more effectively. So whether these are Natural Language based intelligent chat bots or digging into tons of unstructured dark corporate data or analyzing mood & behavior patterns of your customers, we cover it all.
Our partnership with IBM helps our customers realize the benefits of using the IBM Watson ecosystem of Cognitive solutions.
With our structured approach and capabilities in cognitive technologies, we help business take a leap into a cognitive journey. Some of the ideas we specialize in:

1. Data
2. Analytics
3. AI
4. ML

At Carrington, we create amazing cognitive, conversational self-service experiences that can provide answers and act. We can create custom build engines to fit your specific business needs, provide custom content and match your business brand. Customer interactions enhances interaction between the product and the client. With prompt answers to queries without being dependent on human assistance and minimum time loss is the future of business. Which will be aided by cognitive solutions such as chatbots.


The ability of machines to learn and automate complex processes into efficient and solution-oriented products has transformed every industry. From having application in defense, hospitality and decision-making, one wonders what the limitations of automation are. AI has taken automation to a different level with NLP, NLU, Computer-Vision.

We provide solutions regarding following:
a. RPA
b. Chatbots
c. Mining